Warranty and Returns

Warranty Process and Procedure

The following outlines the process and procedures of a warranty incident from inception to closure. Benshaw’s warranty covers factory labor and parts on in-house repairs and parts and labor for on-site repairs. Benshaw’s warranty does not cover travel and living expenses to and from a job site.

  1. Customer experiences a perceived warranty event
  2. Customer contacts Benshaw Technical Support (800) 203-2416 to make warranty determination. All warranties are provided in accordance with Benshaw Terms and Conditions of Sale as defined by Benshaw’s warranty policy
  3. If determined to be warranty/possible warranty pending evaluation, one of six warranty Return Material Authorization (RMA) types is issued:
    • Warranty Parts Replacement – Previously known and defined part problem
    • Warranty Missing Parts Replacement – Order was shipped with omissions
    • Warranty Product Replacement – Part or assembly to be returned for warranty evaluation
    • Warranty Out-of-Box Product Replacement – Part failure within 30 days, return part for warranty evaluation
    • Warranty Repair – Assembly returned for repair/evaluation
    • Warranty Retrofit/Rework – Assembly returned for rework to meet customer spec

Warranty Replacement and Warranty Out-of-Box RMA’s require a purchase order from the customer prior to issuing the RMA. This is to insure the return of the defective material to Benshaw for evaluation.

The replacement unit will be invoiced at the time of shipment. The RMA assigned to ship the replacement material is to be used for the return of the defective material. Credit will be issued for the replacement material pending receipt and evaluation. Material must be received within 30 days to be eligible for credit. Benshaw will complete the evaluation within 30 days of receipt or the credit will automatically be issued.

Returns Process and Procedure

Freight Damage and Claims

  • Please examine all freight for visible damage when freight is received.
  • Like all electrical equipment manufacturers, Benshaw ships equipment (FOB) Freight On Board so the responsibility for freight damage is with the carrier and the recipient. This is the only practical way to ship equipment since damage is only visible when it is received at the destination point.
  • Please bring freight damage to the freight driver’s attention and have the driver sign copies of (BOL) Bill of Lading noting the freight damage.
  • If possible take digital pictures of all damaged freight. The more proof of damage documented upon receipt, the better the chances of a quick settlement with the carrier.

See below for detailed policy/procedure:

Benshaw ships all products “F.O.B. (freight on board) Factory”. The term “F.O.B.” has nothing to do with who pays the freight! It is a legal term used to signify who is responsible for the merchandise while it is in transit. When the equipment is quoted, “F.O.B. Origin, Freight Collect,” or as a courtesy to you, “F.O.B. Origin, Freight Prepaid,” the responsibility for damage does not shift away from the carrier, or the buyer.

Benshaw uses reliable and reputable carriers, but occasionally shipping damage does occur. Resolving the problem of transit damage or loss depends on the cooperation of all parties. Benshaw makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition. Freight damage claims must be made against the common carrier in a timely manner; therefore, it is imperative that you follow these guidelines:

Visible Damage

Thoroughly inspect all shipments upon arrival. If damage or loss is apparent upon delivery, bring it to the driver’s attention immediately. Open the package in the presence of the driver and inspect contents for physical damage.

Prior to signing the Delivery Receipt make a notation of the damage on all copies of the carrier's Delivery Receipt. Have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation. Follow up by contacting the local carrier's office by phone and then by fax or email requesting a response. It is important to save all packing material or cartons associated with the shipment or there will be no basis for a claim. Digital photographs that record the date on which they were taken will help to speed the claim process.

Concealed Damage

Thoroughly inspect all packages when received. Claims for concealed damage must be filed within 15 days to insure claim payments. In the event you have signed for a shipment and there is concealed damage do not throw away the packing materials or shipping cartons or there will be no basis for a claim. Contact the local branch of the carrier immediately. The consignee must file a claim with the carrier. Keep all packing materials and boxes do not throw anything away until the claim is settled. Take digital photographs of packing material and product damage.

Returning Damaged Freight to Benshaw for Evaluation and Repair

Contact Benshaw Technical Support (800-203-2416) for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. The damaged goods will be returned to Benshaw for Non Warranty evaluation and repair. This will require a Purchase Order from the buyer. After the evaluation is complete and repair estimate is available the buyer will be contacted so this amount can be reported on the freight claim. The buyer will be responsible for the repair invoice. The Freight Company will reimburse the buyer for the repair amount.

Renewal Parts Ordering Process

If the desired part number is known, the request for quote (RFQ) or purchase order, if you have pricing, can be faxed to the Sales Group at 412-968-5415. You may also visit our web site and request a quote for aftermarket products at www.benshawexpress.com

If you do not have the part number a call to the Sales Group is required. In order for the Sales Group to assist in determining the part number you must have:

  1. Benshaw Serial Number (located on the Benshaw nameplate label on the unit or inside the enclosure door)
  2. Model Number
  3. Part description

After receiving the part number, price, and availability you may fax your hardcopy purchase order to the Sales Group at 412-968-5415.

Please be sure your PO has the following information:

  1. Bill to address
  2. Ship to address
  3. Method of shipment
  4. FOB Factory

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy and Procedure

RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date issued. After 30 days the RMA number expires and material received will be returned to the sender at their expense. All material being returned to Benshaw must have an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the box or container. Material received without an RMA number will be refused and returned to the sender.

RMA’s which require evaluation will be completed within 30 days and a material disposition will be faxed to the customer. If no response is received from the customer after 3 business days then a second notice is sent. If no response is received from the customer after 5 business days the third and final notice will be sent indicating the date the equipment will be scrapped.

There are (10) types of RMA’s generated to categorize the type of action required when the customer material arrives at Benshaw:

  1. Warranty Parts. This RMA is issued to ship warranty parts when a previously known and resolved problem is encountered; no return of customer material is required.

  2. Warranty Missing Parts. This RMA is issued when a customer order has been shipped with omissions, such as additional spare parts or line items that were on the customer purchase order and not on the acknowledgement/internal sales order.

  3. Warranty Replacement. This RMA is issued to ship replacement parts (customer P.O. required).The customer is required to return the faulty part for evaluation. Return of part(s) is required within 30 days. Full credit for parts shipped will be issued upon return and determination of defective parts. Parts not returned within 30 days will not be considered for warranty credit and the invoice will become due. If the part is received within 30 days and the Benshaw evaluation is delayed beyond the next 30 days a credit will be issued to the customer regardless of the cause of the failure.

  4. Warranty Out-of-Box. This RMA is issued when a warranty incident occurs in less then 30 days from date shipment. This allows Benshaw to track and correct out-of-box warranty incidents.

  5. Warranty Repair. This RMA is issued to a customer when the most effective action is to have a unit returned for repair. When the unit is received it will be handled as an emergency repair with the goal to complete the evaluation and repair within 48 hours

  6. Warranty Rework/Retrofit. This RMA is issued when a customer unit requires modifications and/or additions as a result of Benshaw’s mistake. When the unit is received it will be handled as an emergency repair with the goal to complete the rework within 48 hours.

  7. Non-Warranty Repair. This RMA is issued to allow return of material for evaluation in order to determine a repair price of parts or equipment that is beyond the warranty period.

  8. Non-Warranty Retrofit. This RMA is issued to modify/rework the equipment to the customer’s request.

  9. Stock Material Return Authorization. This RMA will be issued to allow return of material for restock. See details for restocking policy.

  10. Sales Concession. This RMA is issued as customer goodwill and requires approval by the Sales VP prior to issue.

Note: Benshaw will ship all warranty product UPS Ground or best way. If the customer requests expedited shipping, the customer's account number will be required for the additional freight costs. Benshaw will refuse all collect shipments.

Return of Material for Re-Stock

To obtain an RMA to return material for re-stock you should contact the Technical Support Group at (800) 203-2416. The following criteria will apply:

Return Policy

Benshaw’s policy regarding the return of merchandise is as follows:

  • The return of any Benshaw custom engineered and/or manufactured product will not be approved.
  • The return of any off the shelf product (not engineered or manufactured) or pre-engineered products that are stocked at the WebStore will be approved with a 25% re-stocking fee.
  • The request for return must be within 60 days of the ship date. The product must be in its original packaging, unused/never installed.
  • An “RMA” number is required prior to the return and the “RMA” number must appear on the outside of the return package, packing slip and all correspondence. All freight charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Benshaw will complete the evaluation within 30 days of receipt or the credit will automatically be issued.