Technical Support

Benshaw has an experienced staff of service technicians, applications specialists, and field engineers, standing ready to support all of your troubleshooting and repair needs.

Please call our Technical Support Hotline to talk to our Technical Support team. During business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, calls are taken by the technical support team. After 5:00pm, and on weekends, the call system will automatically direct your call to the 24/7 after-hours on-call technician.

Please have the following information ready when the technician answers the call:

  1. The Serial and Model numbers from the Benshaw nameplate label on or in the Benshaw Product.

  2. The part number of the component or equipment you are looking for. (If the part number is not known we can clarify by description, explanation or purchase order number.)

  3. Please advise the technician if you believe the Benshaw unit is under warranty.

Before contacting Sales for a replacement item that may be under warranty, contact the Technical Support Hotline to see if the unit can be repaired or replaced. The existing unit may be under warranty and calling sales for a replacement will delay the warranty process and response time.

  • Technical Support Hotline: 1-800-203-2416
  • Technical Support Canada: 1-877-291-5112  or  519-291-5112
  • Contact Us

Non-Warranty Repairs

  1. Units returned for repair will be repaired in the order of date received. If a less than 48 hour turnaround is specified, a $150.00 Expedite Fee will be charged. The 24/48-hour turnaround is subject to parts availability. The equipment will be evaluated within the first few hours after arrival at Benshaw, Inc. An estimate of the charges will be sent via fax to the customer notifying them of the total cost of repair (evaluation fees are included in the quoted repair costs). Customer approval of repair cost is required. In the event of the customer’s failure to respond in a timely manner impeding the unit’s repair and shipment, the Expedite Fee will still apply.

  2. Units sent in for repair must be shipped prepaid. All collect shipments will be refused.

  3. All RMA equipment will be evaluated and an evaluation quotation will be faxed to the customer. Customer approval, with a hard copy or revised purchase order (PO) for quoted amount, must be received prior to any repair work being performed.

  4. If the customer decides not to proceed with repair after given a repair quote, they will be responsible for the evaluation fee assigned to the particular unit.

  5. If next day air shipment is requested, freight will be collect or will be invoiced for the freight charges unless special shipping arrangements are requested by the customer.

  6. Rates for repair will be quoted on a time and material basis. Time is assessed by actual man-hours per repair. Material costs will be calculated according to published list prices and standard established customer multipliers. All equipment returned for evaluation and/or repair will be subject to an evaluation fee.

Scheduling Field Services

Benshaw’s Field Services for Electronic Motor Control Products and Systems include:

  • Commissioning/Startup
  • Field Diagnostics & Repairs (Scheduled/Emergency)
  • Preventative Maintenance Site Survey/Thermography
  • Installation Supervision
  • Retrofits / Upgrades of Drives and Solid State Starters

Field Services are scheduled by contacting Benshaw’s Field Service Coordinator listed below. Rates for service are per the Engineering Services Rate Sheet. “Planned” service should be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advanced for commissioning/start-ups, preventative maintenance service, installation supervision, retrofits, and upgrades.

Service dates are not guaranteed until a hard copy purchase order is received, unless the service was part of an equipment order.

Once service is scheduled and confirmed with a hard copy purchase order or as part of an equipment order, the customer is 100% responsible for all incurred expenses if service is canceled.

Emergency Service is defined as service required within 72 hours of the call for service. If this is the case, the emergency callout rate applies per the rate sheet. Benshaw will make every reasonable attempt to respond to the specific emergency in a timely manner.