24x7 Technical Support

24x7 Emergency Webstore Shipments

Benshaw Express Emergency shipment of parts, and BENEX stock, is available through the Technical Support Hotline at 1-800-203-2416.

A support technician can help identify the part number required, and check our inventory in the Webstore. Once availability has been verified, the method of shipment can be determined based on the customer requirements.

We can accommodate a customer arranged expedited shipping company, or coordinate shipping through one of our preferred expedited shipping partners. If Benshaw arranges the expedited shipping, the cost of the service, plus administration fees will be added to the invoice.

Final shipping costs must be determined, and agreed upon, before the close of the sale, and the part/equipment is shipped.

All emergency after hours and weekend shipments will include a $300.00 emergency fee to cover handling costs.

24x7 Technical Support Hotline

Benshaw has an experienced staff of service technicians, applications specialists, and field engineers, standing ready to support all of your troubleshooting and repair needs.

Please call our Technical Support Hotline at 1-800-203-2416 to talk to our Technical Support team. During business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, calls are taken by the Technical Support team. After 5pm, and on weekends, this call system will automatically direct your call to the 24/7 after-hours on-call technician.

In Canada only, call 1-877-291-5112 for direct access to the Canadian Technical Support team.

Please have the following information ready when the technician answers the call:

  1. The Serial and Model numbers from the Benshaw nameplate label on or in the Benshaw Product.

  2. The part number of the component or equipment you are looking for. (If the part number is not known we can clarify by description, explanation or purchase order number.)

  3. Please advise the technician if you believe the Benshaw unit is under warranty.

Before contacting sales for a replacement item that may be under warranty, contact the Technical Support center to see if the unit can be repaired or replaced. The existing unit may be under warranty and calling sales for a replacement will delay the warranty process and response time.

Online Technical Support

Benshaw has an experienced staff of applications specialists and field engineers, standing ready to support all your custom control needs.

By using our Online Tech Support, a knowledgeable representative can help you evaluate current and future control system requirements, and develop a sound strategy for retrofit, upgrade, or replacement. You may also submit a Request for Service Quotation.

Whether you need simple modifications made to a Benshaw control or drive package, a custom-engineered upgrade to optimize production from an existing OEM machine control panel, or a turnkey, plant-wide control modernization program, Benshaw can help.

Contact Online Technical Support