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  • Low Voltage VFDs - GX Series

    GX Series multipurpose sensorless vector micro drives from Benshaw provide a rugged, compact, economical chassis drive solution for low horsepower applications.

    Each drive in the GX Series offers quick setup and preconfigured settings for common variable frequency drive applications, and a flexible, programmable I/O for more demanding applications or complex control strategies.

    • Integral PID control

    • Sensorless vector control or V/Hz control

    • Adjustable carrier frequency

    • Programmable I/O

    • Standard dynamic brake transistor (external resistor required)

    Compact Design: GX Series variable frequency drives pack substantial power and flexibility into an economical, space saving package.

    Intuitive Interface: GX Series drives provide a user interface with a four digit LED display and four directional keys for simple, menu-based setup and operation.

    Heavy Duty Power Rating: The GX drive family features a rugged power section that can provide up to 150% current for 60 seconds.

    Low Voltage VFDs - SG Series

    High Performance Sensorless Vector Industrial Drives.

    Benshaw’s rugged, flexible SG Series drives are designed to handle the most demanding variable speed drive applications. SG Series sensorless vector drives are easy to install and configure. Standard drives are web stocked for immediate shipment. All SG Series units feature a flexible power stack with three power ratings.

    Key Features:

    • Rugged, reliable design

    • Programmable I/O

    • Integral PID control

    • V/Hz or sensorless vector control

    • Variable torque, standard and heavy duty ratings

    • Start methods: accel, DC start, flying start

    • Stop methods: coast, decel, DC inject, flux

    • Uploadable, downloadable keypad

    • Built-in protection features

    • Standard Modbus communications

    • Windows-based software

    • Integral multiple motor control from one drive for pumping applications

    Standard Duty, Variable Torque Rating: The standard duty, variable torque rating allows overloads of 110% for 60 seconds. For most fan and pump applications, energy savings can be optimized by setting the V/Hz pattern to squared.

    Standard Duty Rating, Constant Torque Rating: The standard duty, constant torque rating allows overloads of 120% for 60 seconds. Torque can be maintained by setting the V/Hz pattern to linear.

    Heavy Duty, Constant Torque Rating: Heavy duty ratings provide a more robust power section for loads requiring higher starting torque and higher peak overloads of 150% for 60 seconds.

    Low Voltage VFDs - S4 Series

    NEMA 4X WASHDOWN drives for severe environments.

    Benshaw S4 Series sensorless vector drives, 100 HP and below, are designed for high pressure washdown applications, and are built to withstand the harshest industrial environments.

    S4 Series drives feature a rugged polycarbonate enclosure that exceeds NEMA 1, 12, 4 and 4X standards, with double labyrinth seals that keep dust, dirt, oil and water from entering the drive at pressures up to 1,000 psi.

    230V and 460V S4 Series drive models are web stocked for immediate shipment. 600 V models are also available.

    Standard Duty Power Rating: The Standard Duty rating provides overload protection at 120% current for 60 seconds.

    Heavy Duty Power Rating: The Heavy Duty rating provides a more robust power section for loads requiring higher starting torque and higher peak overloads of 150% for 60 seconds.

    Integrated Software: Regenerative software is included to eliminate regen energy on over-hauling loads. Sequencer software is also included as standard.

    PID Control: S4 drives feature an integrated PID control algorithm to regulate pressure, temperature or flow. PID process variables can be set in “real” values, eliminating the need for confusing conversions.

    Dynamic Braking Transistor and Resistor: S4 drives include as standard a dynamic braking transistor and resistor to decrease deceleration times and eliminate regenerative energy. An optional external resistor can be added for even faster stopping times.

    Low Voltage VFDs - SGP Packages

    Built to order drive packages, shipped to your specification.

    SGP Series drive packages combine Benshaw’s rugged SG Series sensorless vector drive units, with a NEMA 12 ventilated enclosure and any of the following options:

    • Disconnect (Circuit breaker, Fused or Non-fused switch)

    • Inline fuses

    • Line reactor

    • Output reactor

    • 3 contactor bypass

    • Door mounted operator station (six configurations are available)

    SGP built-to-order drive packages meet UL and CE approvals, and are available with standard (7.5 to 125 HP) and heavy duty (5 to 100 HP) ratings to meet your specialized drive requirements.

    Standard Features:

    • NEMA 12 ventilated enclosure with fans and filters

    • SG Series sensorless vector drive unit

    • User terminal strip

    • Door mounted keypad

    • Control power transformer

    • User input and output power connections